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conferences & events are going virtual

Here at MSI, we have been doing virtual events for more than three years.  And have made it possible for all of our keynotes and workshops to be available in a virtual format. We are also ready to assist in answering your questions with respect to putting on an effective virtual event.

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How We Create a Customized Virtual Experience for You


Exploratory call to determine your needs

From subject matter to industry specifics, audience size to technical details, we will start planning here.


Analysis of your current state of affairs

This includes identification of the ideal message to be delivered to your audience. Define specific takeaways desired for your audience in this event.


Customized presentation created for your event

Live-streamed or pre-recorded session takes place.


Virtual event held

The audience receives a clear and actionable plan so as to get immediately started.


Follow-up webinar

30-60 days following the virtual event, a 60-minute webinar will be held to ensure takeaways and maximum impact.

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Virtual Keynote

  • Customized for your audience
  • 45-90 minutes
  • Can be pre-recorded or live-streamed
  • Option for Q&A during live-stream
  • Follow-up webinar
We're All Media Companies Keynote / 2018 / Summer NAMM

Workshops & Training

  • 90-180 minutes
  • Includes participant workbook
  • Action plan defined for participants
  • Follow-up webinar
We're All Media Companies Keynote / 2018 / Summer NAMM

Continual Education & Consulting

  • Customized approach based on your organization’s needs
  • Packages available for 3, 6, or 12 month engagements
  • Offerings can include webinars, one-to-one calls, content review, sales training, etc.

"Marcus stole the show at our Virtual Event. We had over 5,000 people online from all over the world and the response to his 90-minute slot could not have been better. Boy did he deliver. Truth is he was better and more impactful via Zoom than most ordinary speakers are face-to-face."

Nigel Botterill
Owner, Entrepreneurs Circle


Marcus Sheridan is known for his unique ability as a keynote speaker to excite, engage, and motivate live and virtual audiences. Learn why hundreds of event professionals trust Marcus with their audiences again and again.

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