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From Consulting Clients

“Hiring and working with Marcus Sheridan has been one of the best business decisions I have made since owning my company. Marcus gave us the tools to become thought leaders in our industry and the understanding of why it is so critical to do so.

Our web traffic has increased 1400% over the last eight months and our leads have increased by 350%. More importantly, the quality of leads has increased dramatically. Although this was never our goal, our blogs have also been cited in numerous training and reference materials over the last year.

I highly recommend any business work with Marcus if they want to realize their full potential.”

Ron Novak
Executive Vice President, Segue Technologies


Marcus Sheridan came in and did in one day what I had been trying to accomplish for over a year.

He helped our entire company of 80 people “get” inbound and content marketing. Not only is his story and presentation style compelling, he actively engages the whole team and uses 100s of real life examples to SHOW how inbound efforts pay off big time in sales and growing a business.

Our team finally got it and that day changed our business. Marcus sparked a realization in every team member that they could make a difference by participating in an inbound culture.

If you are looking to grow your business with inbound marketing and utilizing the knowledge and gifts of all your employees then Marcus is absolutely your guy.”

Krista Kotrla
CMO, Block Imaging


Thank you so much for your energy and inspiration, well done, I really appreciate it. You have changed my life.

Content marketing, I have discovered, telling all there is to know, is like “Dear Diary” for the business owner. I have blogged, created loads of pages, invented a system and done a bunch of free seminars all by giving away loads of free information, based on your River Pools philosophy.

It’s been life-saving. It’s been total therapy for the mind… I have found relief in blowing open the doors to honesty land in our business. This has impacted my life in all areas.

I have coped with the stress of traumatic forced change, have been completely energized on an hourly basis and I’m now a much more caring and loving person to my wife, kids and friends. No longer a grumpy world-fighting businessman. It’s been profound.

So thanks so much for making the effort to be so energetic and educational. You have inspired me and released my spirit.”

Adam Steinhardt
Kingdom Advertising


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