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Marcus Sheridan's Books

Marcus has crafted his thought leadership into multiple books, including his bestseller, "They Ask You Answer," with over 100,000 copies sold.

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His range of impactful communication-focused books is a vital resource for revolutionizing communication strategies in a variety of applications and have become essential resources for individuals and organizations seeking to revolutionize their communication strategies.

Marcus' Keynote Programs

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They Ask, You Answer

The revolutionary guide that challenged businesses around the world to stop selling to their buyers and start answering their questions to get results; revised and updated to address new technology, trends, the continuous evolution of the digital consumer, and much more...


The Visual Sale

Today’s buyer demands more from businesses. They don’t just want to read about your products or services, they want to see it. What they want, is video.

Video is the most effective way for businesses to explain complex ideas and build trust with audiences.

Business who use video across their sales and marketing are generating more leads, shortening the sales cycle and generating more demand by building trust with buyers.

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