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- Zach Phillips, NAMM

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The Digital Customer: How Today’s Buyer Has Changed and What Your Business Must Do About it

More than any other time in the last 100 years, buyers and customers today have made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift and are not prepared for the continual evolution of this “new digital customer.”

In this program, filled with real-world takeaways, Marcus Sheridan brings clarity to the ways buyers have changed and provides actionable steps on what companies must do to align themselves with this shift in purchasing patterns.

In this program, attendees will:

  • Learn the shift that has occurred with today’s buyer [and what that means for sales and marketing departments going forward
  • Discover which specific content and messaging close sales faster and get results
  • Find out how video and visual learning is impacting the buying process and what organizations must do to be seen as a “media” company
  • Understand how to leverage technologies in the Digital Age

Ideal Audiences:

  • Business Leaders
  • Marketing Teams
  • Sales Teams

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Virtual Sales Mastery: How Sales Teams Can Survive and Thrive in a Virtual Selling World

The world is different now for everyone. As a result, the same selling techniques that worked before the global pandemic aren’t effective anymore.

Unfortunately, most sales teams haven’t had time to effectively adjust to the new virtual demands of buyers. They're struggling with the technology. They're struggling with video. They're struggling to get noticed. And they're struggling to make the buying process still feel human, personalized, and build trust.

Keynote speaker and author Marcus Sheridan has been teaching successful virtual sales and marketing methods for years.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how to create a world-class virtual sales experience, specifically over video, for any product or service
  • Master the best practices of setting up and delivering an online, one-to-one video, sales presentation
  • Discover more effective ways of prospecting through innovative digital strategies

Ideal Audience:

  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Teams

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The Trusted Brand: How Your Organization Can Become the Trusted Voice in a Noisy, Busy World

The Information Age is in full swing, and winning buyer trust has never been more critical. The reality is that brands can no longer expect traditional methods of marketing and sales to win customer interest and build loyalty.

One of the essential keys to gaining the trust of today’s digital consumer is by becoming their go-to source for helpful, useful information. Businesses and brands that focus more on teaching and helping [than on selling] will ultimately win customer trust, gain an incredible amount of market share, and generate more revenue in the process.

In this program, attendees will:

  • Discover how buying habits have changed and why name recognition is no longer enough
  • Learn how transparent and honest content will move consumers to notice new brands – and switch to them
  • Find out exactly what must be done to become the voice of trust in your space

Ideal Audience:

  • Business Leaders
  • Marketing Teams
  • Brand Teams

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Marcus tells his audiences exactly what they need to hear in a way that is simple, memorable, and jargon-free, so everyone can fully wrap their arms around the big ideas he shares.


During his talks, Marcus often walks into the audience, asks questions, and gets to know attendees by name. Audiences say this is when the most memorable interactions occur.


Marcus has boundless, infectious energy. It’s a genuine byproduct of how the principles he teaches have dramatically impacted his own life, and your audience will feel it.


As the great Jim Rohn once said, “Take me high, take me low, but take me.” Whether it’s laugh-out-loud humor or emotional reflections, your audience will take a ride with Marcus.

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What Past Audiences Say 
About Marcus

“Thank you for the work you did for us. You absolutely knocked it out of the park and were the talk of the event. We have also had a really good response internally at Cisco, and are looking at other opportunities in which to partner.”

Michael Hopfinger
Director Cisco, Cisco Velocity 2019

“Marcus Sheridan speaks with unrivaled passion and authority. He has a masterful understanding of the challenges and opportunities for small businesses in the digital age. His presentations are motivating and insightful, and he leaves audiences with clear, actionable takeaways to improve their businesses. A world-class thought leader.”

Zach Phillips
Director of Professional Development, NAMM

“Marcus was the most talked and tweeted about speaker for the day and left the audience buzzing for more. His ability to captivate an audience is truly remarkable. At the end of the conference, many people came up to me to comment on his high-energy presentation and say thank you. Having him speak was hands down the smartest decision I made in programming the event. ”

Pat Lemieux
Events Producer

“Our customers raved about the content Marcus delivered. I was impressed by how effective Marcus was at engaging the audience. I got feedback from customers shortly after the event on how they are making changes in their business because of what Marcus said. He made such a big impression on our team that we have further engaged Marcus to come back to help us internally with some training. ”

Greg VanDeWalker
GreatAmerica Financial

“Our Brightcove #PLAY2018 attendees loved Marcus. He instills enthusiasm, creativity and a multitude of takeaways into his sessions, which left the audience delighted and ready to conquer their company's sales and marketing strategies with online video. I am excited to work with Marcus on future events and projects. ”

Britta Schellenberg
Brightcove VP Corporate Marketing Operations


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