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Technology, Digital, & Communications

"Thank you for the work you did for us. You absolutely knocked it out of the park and were the talk of the event. We have also had a really good response internally at Cisco, and are looking at other opportunities in which to partner."

Michael Hopfinger , Director

“Our Brightcove #PLAY2018 attendees loved Marcus. He instills enthusiasm, creativity and a multitude of takeaways into his sessions, which left the audience delighted and ready to conquer their company's sales and marketing strategies with online video. I am excited to work with Marcus on future events and projects.”

Britta Schellenberg , VP Corporate Marketing Operations

“I asked Marcus to connect and motivate my sales organization around the importance of communication. He delivered a 20 on a 1 – 10 scale. His passion and purpose can’t be taken any other way then authentic and living, and because of this people hear him, and follow his guidance. I would recommend his leadership and delivery to anyone that called.”

Abe Taylor , VP of Sales
EAC Product Development Solutions

“Working with Marcus has been one of the best business decisions I have made since owning my company. Our web traffic has increased 1400% over the last eight months and our leads have increased by 350%. More importantly, the quality of leads has increased dramatically. Our blogs have also been cited in numerous training and reference materials over the last year. I highly recommend any business work with Marcus if they want to realize their full potential.”

Ron Novak , Executive Vice President
Segue Technologies

“I am writing in to thank you for such a mesmerizing session! The techniques you taught us will help me immensely in being able to communicate effectively with my audience and develop the connect with them. I have already been trying to apply them in my day to day conversations. I just wanted you to know that you made a difference to someone in that room yesterday.”

Devika Poddar , Program Manager

“Marcus was very smart, welcoming, and most importantly, informative. The lessons he shared with our audience were very much practical. Working with the MSI team was very seamless we would love to work with them again in the future.”

Michelle Salerno
Celerant Technologies

Technology, Digital, and Communications Organizations Marcus has worked with:


AWeber Communications

Block Imaging





Computer Rx Idea Exchange User Conference

ConvergeSouth Conference


Dallas Antwerp

Digital Mastermind

Genpact, LLC

Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals

Just Cruzin Production


Network Communications, Inc.




Sekisui Diagnosic, LLC

Service Autopilot

Sound Technologies


Speaking for Technology, Digital, and Communications Organizations

The way we exchange information has evolved, in turn, the technology, digital, and communications industry has undergone monumental challenges to keep up. Over time:

  • With channels multiplying and more messages being shared, companies deal with a loss of control of information
  • Communication has gained more weight, resulting in more sophistication and more creativity
  • Companies need to define their playing field and find an audience that wants to consume their content
  • Storytelling has become an integral part of communications, it sets other communicators apart when they have the ability to tell a good story

Despite these challenges, Marcus believes these industries can fully overcome them - especially companies willing to rethink their marketing strategy and the way they present themselves online.

If you're looking for a speaker that truly understands effective communication with a memorable message to share that will help your industry keep up with new marketing challenges, contact us today to set up a chat with Marcus.

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