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Real Estate, Architecture, and Property Management

“I've followed Marcus' work and used his principles for 6 years before I picked up the phone and invited him to speak at our inaugural conference. Meeting our heroes in person can sometimes be disappointing as we tend to build sky-high expectations in our own heads. Marcus delivered an amazing presentation that moved our audience into action, receiving the perfect 5-star speaker rating in the process. I can say with confidence that Marcus Sheridan put our event on the map and influenced the whole industry! I expected nothing less.”

Alex Osenenko , Founder & President

“We put together a plan to hire Marcus for a half-day workshop. It was almost overnight that we saw a change. Marcus looked our principals in the eye and said, "This is the future. If you don’t do this, your competitor’s will." That was a big reality check and ownership bought in. This thing that I had been a champion for internally for a couple of years finally clicked and everybody was on board to try and make this part of our strategy.”

Kendall Guinn , Chief Marketing Officer

"Marcus was the #1 rated speaker two years running. More importantly his talk left a mark on the industry, inspiring people to take action around getting in front of the camera and doubling down on video. That alone was enough to have him back two years in a row, but on top of that he was a consummate professional that went out of his way to make sure our event was a success. I can't imagine getting more value out of a keynote and I can't imagine someone caring more than Marcus did."

Jordan Muela , CEO

“Our website traffic since we implemented [Marcus’s methodology] has tripled. Our digital content and what we are doing puts us out there in front of the market place and we are the envy of our competitors.”

Bart Matheney , Founding Principal

Real Estate, Architecture, and Property Management Companies Marcus has has worked with:

Aquila Property Management

Multifamily Residential Social Media Summit

North Carolina Association of Realtors, Inc.

Property Management GROW 2017 & 2018

Wendel Companies

Speaking for Real Estate, Architecture, and Property Management Companies

Having survived the financial crisis of 2008 and recovering during the years after, the real estate, architecture, and property management industries still needs to overcome some hurdles. These include:

  • Hiring and training quality talent remains a challenge
  • Dealing with property damage or unexpected maintenance remains a concern
  • Growing digital technology allows potential buyers to see everything before attending an open house
  • Ever increasing compliance demands affecting all structures, from commercial to residential
  • An influx of inexperienced peers which reflects poorly on the overall industry as a whole

Marcus believes these hurdles can be overcome, especially when companies are open to learning new ways to reach customers and prospects.

If you're looking for a powerful speaker that truly understands these industries and will deliver actionable takeaways that will help your audience overcome these challenges, contact us today to set up a chat with Marcus.

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