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Insurance Companies

“Marcus has a gift for delivering information in a direct, humorous and relatable way. He spoke to the agents in their own language and held them accountable for the things they’re not doing that they should, but did it with humor and compassion so it didn’t come across as judgmental. Marcus exceeded our expectations and helped set the tone for our entire event. He created a lot of buzz after his presentation. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for an impactful, memorable presenter.”

Becky Taylor
Ohio Insurance Agents

“Insanely awesome video workshop with Marcus Sheridan at Elevate18! I'm pumped to make more video and put these tactivs and tools to use!”

Kristin Bowen

“Thank you again for an amazing presentation yesterday. You did a great job with incorporating our program/messaging into your discussion. You really motivated our agents to think differently about how to market/sell. Many left saying that yesterday was ‘the best Digital Expo yet.”

Laura Castellano
Plymouth Rock Assurance

“There is something to seeing him live. I knew every word of Marcus' presentation before I saw him live. I've seen him live 4 times now and still LOVE it!”

Ryan Hanley

Insurance Companies Marcus has worked with:

Agency Nation’s Elevate

Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona

Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia, Inc.

Independent Insurance Agents of Mississippi

IACON by Ohio Insurance Agents Association

Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents

Plymouth Rock Assurance Digital Expo 2018

Independent Insurance Agents of Texas

Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia

Insurance Agency Owners Alliance

Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.

InsurCon by Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut, Inc.

Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Louisiana

Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina

Insurance Agents of Oklahoma: Young Agents Conference

Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of South Carolina

Speaking for Insurance Companies

Driven by a number of factors, a period of change has been occurring within the insurance industry due to changing technology and an older workforce. During the past few years, this sector has experienced:

  • The average best practices firm has seen slowing growth
  • The consolidation pace has increased steadily since 2009
  • The average age within the workforce has increased, presenting a challenge if a large group retires in a small time frame
  • New technologies are disrupting the traditional broker model

Marcus doesn’t think these obstacles should hold the space back, in fact, now is the time for companies and brands to be rethinking their strategies and the ways they interact with their customers. Marcus has spoken on the challenges the insurance industry faces and what they must to do overcome them from numerous stages. Contact us today to set up a chat with Marcus.

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