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“Marcus did in one day what I had been trying to accomplish for over a year. He helped our entire company of 80 people “get” inbound and content marketing. Not only is his story and presentation style compelling, he actively engages the whole team and uses 100s of real life examples to SHOW how inbound efforts pay off big time in sales and growing a business. Marcus sparked a realization in every team member that they could make a difference by participating in an inbound culture. If you are looking to grow your business with inbound marketing and utilizing the knowledge and gifts of all your employees then Marcus is absolutely your guy.”

Krista Kotrla , Chief Marketing Officer
Block Imaging

“After seeing Marcus’s presentation once, I knew my entire leadership team needed to hear what he had to say - so we made it happen a week later! Not only were his insights laser-focused on valuable and actionable steps, his delivery was common-sense, fun, and paved an innovative direction for us as a team.”

Carole Fisher , President & CEO
Nathan Adelson Hospice

"I first experienced Marcus’s inspirational speaking style and topic in a marketing focused presentation. I was so blown away... that we brought him in to speak to the sales team 6 months later. That day was the turning point in our organization that got sales and marketing marching down the same path with the same enthusiasm. And it’s lived on! The entire sales and marketing leadership team understands why we need content marketing and is involved in making it happen. This would not have been possible without Marcus presenting in an incredibly compelling and passionate way."

Heather Torpey , Senior Director of Marketing

Healthcare Companies Marcus has worked with:

Block Imaging

CHG Healthcare Services



Nathan Adelson Hospice

Speaking for Healthcare Companies

Even though medical technology has gone through notable developments, the healthcare industry still has challenges and obstacles to overcome.

  • The use of AI to automate tasks is on the rise
  • Health reform is getting more complicated
  • There have been more cyber breaches, with executives needed to secure data
  • Available technology allows patients and doctors to integrate data into care

With that said, Marcus believes in the power of the healthcare industry-- especially for companies and brands that want to take on the challenge of facing these challenges and learning what could work for them in their space.

If you’re looking to challenge and motivate your audience with actionable takeaways they can start doing from day one taught by an experienced, knowledgeable speaker, contact us today to set up a chat with Marcus.

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