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Boating, Marine, & RV Industries

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Speaking for Boating, Marine, and RV Industries

As the Boating, Marine, and RV industries have recovered over the past years, some challenges remain. A few obstacles include:

  • Gas prices have continued to rise
  • Labor and material costs in manufacturing have increased, causing some consumers to be "priced out" of the market
  • New types of boat and RV "ownership" options have come about
  • The need for qualified technicians to meet the demands of the market has never been tighter
  • Fewer new families are entering the boating, marine, and recreational vehicle space

As an avid boater and fisherman himself and huge supporter of both industries, Marcus believes in the opportunities in the space, especially for those companies and brands willing to think differently and restructure their marketing.

If you're looking for an exciting and enthusiastic speaker that truly understands and is passionate about these industries, as well as motivates your audience with practical and thought-provoking takeaways, contact us to set up a chat with Marcus.

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