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Banking, Finance, and HR

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Banking, Finance, and HR companies Marcus has worked with:

Speaking for Banking, Finance, and HR Companies

There’s no doubt that Banking, Finance, and HR companies all over have undergone a transformation over the past few decades due to new digital technology. Some challenges they’ve seen:

  • Leveraging technology for a competitive advantage
  • Transforming their business for digital and mobile customers
  • Using new technologies while recognizing the risk of security breaches and cyber theft
  • Adapting to new technology and innovation
  • Recruiting and retaining extraordinary talent

Despite these challenges, Marcus believes now is the time to transform these industries, especially those companies and brands that want to adapt to today's consumer in the way they want to be sold to and communicated with.

If you need an experienced speaker with vast knowledge of these industries, contact us. Marcus will inspire your audience with exciting action items they can implement as soon as they leave the talk.

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