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Marcus’ practical and powerful transformational business approach and principles are relevant across the globe and as well as all industries.

From banking to landscaping to sales, Marcus has worked with dozens of different industries.

Here are a few he specializes in:


The priorities facing the associations industry have been evolving due to changes in technology as well as differences in generational needs.

Regardless of these challenges, Marcus believes the time for growth is now, especially for those companies and brands willing to learn about today's customer and connect with them in a totally new way.

Banking / Finance / HR

There’s no doubt that banking, finance, and HR companies all over have undergone a transformation over the past few decades due to new digital technology.

Despite these challenges, Marcus believes now is the time to transform these industries, especially those companies and brands that want to adapt to today's consumer in the way they want to be sold to and communicated with.

Government / Education / Non-Profit

There’s no shortage of challenges within the government, education, and non-profit space due to shifts in changing laws and hiring talent.

Even with these challenges, Marcus believes now is the time to embrace that change - especially for those companies and brands willing to make real, genuine connections with their customers.


Even though medical technology has gone through notable developments, the healthcare industry still has challenges and obstacles to overcome.

With that said, Marcus believes in the power of the healthcare industry - especially for companies and brands that want to take on the challenge of facing these challenges and learning what could work for them in their space.

Industrial / Commercial / Automotive

Every year, daunting challenges emerge within the industrial and commercial sector due to new technology and changing regulations.

In spite of these challenges, Marcus truly believes the time is ripe for these industries to grow and excel - especially those companies willing to embrace change and learn new insights about today’s digital customer.


Driven by a number of factors, a period of change has been occurring within the insurance industry due to changing technology and an older workforce.

Marcus doesn’t think these obstacles should hold the space back, in fact, now is the time for companies and brands to be rethinking their strategies and the ways they interact with their customers.

Landscaping / Pest Control / Swimming Pool / Service Industries

Challenges continue to grow if you’re looking to succeed within the landscaping, pest control, swimming pool or service space due to changing laws and increasing competition.

Regardless of these issues, Marcus knows these industries can thrive, especially when these companies are willing to embrace change and try new ways of reaching their customers.

Marine / Boating / RV

As the boating, marine, and RV industries have recovered over the past years, some challenges remain.

As an avid boater and fisherman himself and huge supporter of both industries, Marcus believes in the opportunities in the space, especially for those companies and brands willing to think differently and restructure their marketing.


While not a new industry, the marketing space has changed significantly over the past couple of decades with the increased use of digital.

Despite facing these challenges, Marcus truly believes the marketing industry is ripe for change - especially for those companies and brands willing to connect with customers and prospects in a genuine, authentic way.

Media / Publication / Print

Because of the rise of digital, the media and publication space needs to evolve due to new technological advances and the new ways people now consume media.

In spite of ever changing technology, Marcus believes it’s time to embrace the change, and companies will do better than ever when they view these shifts with an open mind.

Real Estate / Architecture / Property Management

Having survived the financial crisis of 2008 and recovering the years after, the real estate, architecture, and property management industries still needs to overcome some hurdles.

Marcus believes these hurdles can be overcome, especially when companies are open to learning new ways to reach customers and prospects.

Retail / Food

The retail and food space has grown to be highly competitive, with brands seeking out new ways to be seen and heard over the noise.

Marcus believes these industries can adapt and thrive with these changes, especially brands that are willing to look at customer experiences in a whole new light.

Technology / Digital / Communications

The way we exchange information has evolved, inturn, the technology, digital, and communications industry has undergone monumental challenges to keep up.

Despite these challenges, Marcus believes these industries can fully overcome them - especially companies willing to rethink their marketing strategy and the way they present themselves online.

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