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In 2009, Marcus Sheridan started writing his thoughts on Business, Sales, and Marketing on a simple blog he named “The Sales Lion.”

As The Sales Lion audience grew, more and more companies started asking Marcus to help them achieve success with Inbound and Content Marketing. By 2012, the little blog had become a small business with a global reach. Over the next five years TSL would work with hundreds of businesses and brands in an effort to help them reach their sales and marketing potential.

Early 2018 brought major growth and new opportunities for TSL as Marcus merged the company with IMPACT, HubSpot’s 2017 Partner of the Year. Marcus is now co-owner of this thriving 50+ person agency located in Wallingford, Connecticut. With this move, IMPACT has become the only agency in the Inbound space to provide such a comprehensive offering of educational training, conferences, and support.


A 500 person Inbound Sales, Marketing, and Business
Conference in Hartford Connecticut.

IMPACT Workshops

From HubSpot intensive workshops to Video Marketing to a
Culture of Inbound, IMPACT has a team of elite teachers and
communicators ready to move your organization to take action.

IMPACT Education Team

Want someone to essentially hold your hand and teach you and
your organization all the best practices of Inbound Marketing,
Video Marketing, and HubSpot? For those organizations looking
to master these skills and own them in-house, this incredibly
unique service offering can be achieved by working with our
IMPACT education team.

IMPACT Agency Services

Need a new website? Want someone to run all of your digital
marketing campaigns? Ready to start that next Facebook Ads
campaign? If so, the Agency team can offer you a full suite of
Inbound Marketing services.