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Workshops & Training

Many keynote speakers don’t do workshops. Not the case with Marcus Sheridan.

In fact, his workshop career started in 2012 when a reader of his blog came to him with a problem. As CMO of her company, Krista Kotrla said:

“Marcus, I believe in all of these things you’re teaching. I know we can do this in our company. But the problem is, I can’t seem to get buy-in with my team. Leadership resists. The Sales Team doesn’t want to participate. I’m at my wit’s end… Will you come in and convince my team that they want to embrace Inbound Marketing?”

That ended up being the first of over 250+ workshops Marcus has given around the world. Over time, he has become known for a very unique ability:

When company-wide buy-in is a problem, Marcus fixes it.

“Marcus Sheridan came in and did in one day what I had been trying to accomplish for over a year.”

Krista Kotrla, Chief Marketing Officer, Block Imaging

Marcus is Able to Do This Because of the Three Core Elements of His Teaching Style:

Marketing Training

Content Marketing Strategy

Many companies are doing content marketing, but few are having massive success. In most cases, there is a strategic shortfall within the organization, and it leads to little to no growth in traffic, leads, and sales. As one of the premier content strategists in the world for businesses and brands alike, Marcus will come into your organization and in one day, help your team create a complete content marketing strategy from text to video. If you’re looking to eliminate the learning curve, or find you’re needing a major jumpstart with your company’s content strategy, this is the workshop for you. 

Content (Inbound) Marketing Buy-in And Alignment Workshop

When organizations are siloed and struggling to get buy-in across departments, they call Marcus. Known for his incredible ability to get sales, marketing, and leadership teams on the same page, Marcus will ensure that everyone in your organization not only understands the what, how and why of content and digital, but also has an active role in making it great. Depending on your needs, this workshop will lead to a galvanized vision on everything from content strategy to video marketing to sales enablement initiatives.

“During the entire session, I felt as though Marcus was sitting across the table from me – relating to everything I deal with on a daily basis.”

Jennifer Smith, Saint-Gobain Abrasives


Sales Training

Sales Buy-in And Enablement: Using Digital To Sell

Too often organizations struggle to empower their sales teams with the right digital tools and assets to meet the demands of today’s buyer. Along these same lines, many sales organizations push back on digital simply because they don’t understand it’s value to the organization and their individual sales goals. This workshop was specifically designed to solve these issues. In it, Marcus will train your sales team how to integrate content into their sales process—before, during, and after a sales opportunity and participate in the content production process—from becoming a subject matter expert to helping create powerful sales enabling videos for prospects and customers.

“Hiring and working with Marcus Sheridan has been one of the best business decisions I have made since owning my company.”

Ron Novak, Executive Vice President, Segue Technologies, Inc.


Speaking and Communication Training

Communication And Presentation Skills For Sales Teams

As most organizations are well aware, the art of advanced communication and presentation skills are absolutely fundamental to one’s success in today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive sales environment. It is for this reason Marcus offers a very unique workshop and training program to help all sales members within your organization reach their optimal level of success. Instead of focusing on old-school closing techniques and practices, Sheridan goes deeper with attendees, putting special attention to helping them master deeper conversions with prospects and customers. Specifically, in this workshop attendees will: Learn how to handle any unique scenario that may arise in a sales situation, without getting flustered or thrown off track. Understand the art of using deeper questions and frank conversations to help prospects make buying decisions faster in a sales meeting. Discover the secrets to making your sales demos clear, unforgettable, and impactful to prospects and clients.

Communication And Presentation Skills For Executives And Leaders

In order to lead, one must also know how to communicate so as to motivate, move and inspire. If you’ve seen Marcus speak to an audience before, you know exactly what this looks like. It’s also for this reason that over the past few years, more and more speakers and leaders have sought out Marcus’ help to improve their communication skills after watching him move a room and motivate an audience. So whether you’re preparing a once-a-year keynote to your organization or need to design a world-class presentation for a big industry conference, Marcus offers everything from one-day to long-term training programs to help leaders communicate with more impact, ease, and efficacy.

“Marcus took high tech principles and humble, but confident face to face communication, and slammed them head on right in front of us.”

Abraham Taylor, Vice President of Sales, EAC Product Development Solutions


Team Building and Culture Training


As the owner of 3 very unique companies, two of which have over 60 employees, Marcus Sheridan has spent 18 years learning to build teams, ask hard questions, and get the most out of every member of his organizations. In 2016, because of consistent requests from existing clients, Marcus began giving workshops on team building and culture training, and has experienced tremendous results. Specifically, here are just a few of the subjects/issues Marcus can cover in these types of workshops:

  • The power of teamwork and how everyone matters
  • Why it’s the “little things” that ultimately define a company’s true culture
  • How to have more impactful conversations with coworkers
  • Meetings that Matter: Getting the most out of bringing your team together
  • And more…

“He spoke to the agents in their own language and held them accountable for the things they’re not doing that they should, but did it with humor and compassion so it didn’t come across as judgmental.”

Becky Taylor, Ohio Insurance Agents IACON 2017


Are you interested in booking a workshop or training for your organization?