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Experience Marcus' Style

Get a first-hand look at what your audience will experience when watching Marcus from the stage or screen.

 Watch Behind The Curtain of a Keynote Speaker


Approachable Straight-talker

Marcus tells his audiences exactly what they need to hear in a way that is simplememorable, and jargon-free, so everyone can fully wrap their arms around the big ideas he shares.


Powerful Audience Interaction

During his talks, Marcus often walks into the audienceasks questions, and gets to know attendees by name. Audiences say this is when the most memorable interactions occur.


Sincere & Electric Energy

Marcus has boundlessinfectious energy. It’s a genuine byproduct of how the principles he teaches have dramatically impacted his own life, and your audience will feel it.


Inspiring Rollercoaster of Emotions

As the great Jim Rohn once said, “Take me high, take me low, but take me.” Whether it’s laugh-out-loud humor or emotional reflectionsyour audience will take a ride with Marcus.