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Marcus Sheridan

The Audience is Everything

Marcus’ style is to tell the audience exactly what they need to hear in a simple, memorable, and easily understood style that everyone can put their arms around (i.e. They Ask, You Answer).

Marcus’ style is one of the most unique on the professional speaking circuit. Instead of simply speaking from the stage he often walks into the audience, calls participants by name, and asks questions. It is in these interactions that some of the most memorable moments occur. It is also because of this style that event professionals often make the comment, “I can’t believe no one looked down at their phone while you spoke!”

Electric, Sincere Energy, & a Roller Coaster of Audience Emotions

Marcus has boundless energy onstage. It is a genuine byproduct of how the principles he teaches have had such a dramatic impact on his life.

As the great speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Take me high, take me low, but take me.” Audiences want and need to experience a range of emotions during a keynote. So, whether it’s laugh-out-loud humor or emotional reflections, audiences will take a ride when Marcus is on stage.


Top firms and organizations have engaged Scott to present at conferences, expos and meetings, among them: Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Schlumberger, PwC, GenRe, SAP, Google, Microsoft, McCormick, Nestle Purina, Amdocs, Jackson Healthcare, Ford Motor Company, and many, many more.

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