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Rave Reviews

What Event Professionals and
Keynote Clients Have to Say

“Marcus Sheridan speaks with unrivaled passion and authority. He has a masterful understanding of the challenges and opportunities for small businesses in the digital age. His presentations are motivating and insightful, and he leaves audiences with clear, actionable takeaways to improve their businesses. A world-class thought leader. Marcus has a number of unique skills and talents. 1) He understands small business. 2) He does his research and uses industry examples to customize his presentation. 3) He’s among the most energetic, dynamic and clear-thinking speakers I’ve ever seen. 4) He offers incredibly helpful advice and tips on a growing challenge yet incredible opportunity for small businesses: connecting with the digital consumer. 5) He communicates clearly and simply about a complicated topic. 6) He’s friendly and easy to work with. 7) He cares. (You just can’t fake that.)”

Zach Phillips, Director of Professional Development, NAMM

“We were honored and humbled to have you in our midst at Regulator Marine University. Thank you for reminding us that we aren’t “different” as an industry, manufacturers or dealers. Our customers – like customers for all products – have basic needs and questions that if we answer truthfully can and will allow us to gain their trust. One of Regulator’s core values is integrity… well, shouldn’t everyone have that??? We define it this way, “doing what is right before God regardless of the consequences.” That’s really what truth is, isn’t it? It is not telling a customer what we want them to hear. It is just plain and simple – giving them a truthful answer. You have built a successful business on standing on the truth. You also, as a result of having found the right platform to stand on with that truth, have found your passion – speaking and sharing what you know to make others better at what they do. Your passion, which is felt in your body language and voice inflection, coupled with your unabashed willingness to challenge the audience’s status quo made you the best speaker that I have ever heard.”

Joan Maxwell, President Regulator Marine

“I just wanted to say thank you for making the Whirlpool event, pretty much better than I ever thought it could be. People were raving and saying that it was by far the best conference and meeting that they have ever attended and it was a real game changer in terms of inspiring them. I really thank you for taking our concepts and personalizing your content. The combination of what you do as a thought leader, combined with the personalization and customization that you took the time to do and your dedication, made it just such an impactful day. The best of my career, to be honest with you and I’m just so thankful for it. I can’t wait to stay in touch with you and continue to learn from you as I have already. And I’m excited for my colleagues to now have that privilege as well. So, thank you so much!”

Shoshana Price, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Whirlpool Corporation

“With any conference having the right mix of speakers is critical. You need people who are knowledgeable, dynamic and engaging. Marcus is all of those things and more. He was the most talked and tweeted about speaker for the day and left the audience buzzing for more. His ability to captivate an audience is truly remarkable. At the end of the conference many people came up to me to comment on his high-energy presentation and say thank you. Having him speak was hands down the smartest decision I made in programming the event.”

Pat Lemieux, Events Producer

What Event Professionals Have to Say

“Marcus absolutely connected with our audience. He has a gift for delivering information in a direct, humorous and relatable way. He made a huge impact on our attendees. He spoke to the agents in their own language and held them accountable for the things they’re not doing that they should, but did it with humor and compassion so it didn’t come across as judgmental. Marcus exceeded our expectations and helped set the tone for our entire event. He really helped take our event to the next level and created a lot of buzz after his presentation. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for an impactful, memorable presenter.”

Becky Taylor, Ohio Insurance Agents IACON 2017

“I cannot begin to thank you for your remarkable presentation at the DPHA Annual Conference. Remarkable is the appropriate description because our members continue to talk about your message, your passion and your presentation with enthusiasm and wonder. So simple yet so right on target. You commented that you often get stuck as the after lunch speaker when attendees are tired and attention spans wane. You are the perfect remedy to energize an audience. Thank you again for your efforts and helping us to make [our] conference truly memorable.”

Tom Cohn, Executive Vice President, Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association

“Dear MarketingProfs Team, Last week I attended your MPB2B Conference in Boston…. While all of your sessions are invaluable, there was one in-particular that spoke to me this year, “The Future of Sales and Marketing” with Marcus Sheridan. During the entire session, I felt as though Marcus was sitting across the table from me – relating to everything I deal with on a daily basis. It was both rejuvenating and inspiring. I was taking photos of slides and texting with my boss the entire time. I even recall asking, “Can I take him back with me?” It is sessions like these that leave me feeling like a part of a bigger community of B2B marketers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for collaborating with all your speakers to deliver impactful content that is actually useful when we have to go back to our ‘real lives.’”

Jennifer Smith, Saint-Gobain Abrasives

“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for your presentation last night at the SLC SEM meeting. That was life changing, it struck a cord with me and got me excited about marketing again. I especially appreciated the question at the end, Why did you come here tonight? You hit it right on the nail. It is to have more time to spend with the people that matter most in my life, my wife and my two kids. I knew that, but somewhere along the way, in my attempt to become a successful marketer, I had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me.”

Dan Jones, Gold Rush Expeditions

What Consulting Clients are Saying

“Hiring and working with Marcus Sheridan has been one of the best business decisions I have made since owning my company. Marcus gave us the tools to become thought leaders in our industry and the understanding of why it is so critical to do so. Our web traffic has increased 1400% over the last eight months and our leads have increased by 350%. More importantly, the quality of leads has increased dramatically. Although this was never our goal, our blogs have also been cited in numerous training and reference materials over the last year. I highly recommend any business work with Marcus if they want to realize their full potential.”

Ron Novak, Executive Vice President, Segue Technologies

“Marcus Sheridan came in and did in one day what I had been trying to accomplish for over a year. He helped our entire company of 80 people “get” inbound and content marketing. Not only is his story and presentation style compelling, he actively engages the whole team and uses 100s of real life examples to SHOW how inbound efforts pay off big time in sales and growing a business. Our team finally got it and that day changed our business. Marcus sparked a realization in every team member that they could make a difference by participating in an inbound culture. If you are looking to grow your business with inbound marketing and utilizing the knowledge and gifts of all your employees then Marcus is absolutely your guy.”

Krista Kotrla, CMO, Block Imaging

“Thank you so much for your energy and inspiration, well done, I really appreciate it. You have changed my life. Content marketing, I have discovered, telling all there is to know, is like “Dear Diary” for the business owner. I have blogged, created loads of pages, invented a system and done a bunch of free seminars all by giving away loads of free information, based on your River Pools philosophy. It’s been life-saving. It’s been total therapy for the mind… I have found relief in blowing open the doors to honesty land in our business. This has impacted my life in all areas. I have coped with the stress of traumatic forced change, have been completely energized on an hourly basis and I’m now a much more caring and loving person to my wife, kids and friends. No longer a grumpy world-fighting businessman. It’s been profound. So thanks so much for making the effort to be so energetic and educational. You have inspired me and released my spirit.”

Adam Steinhardt, Kingdom Advertising