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Conferences, Expos, and Training Summits

“The best presenter I saw was Marcus Sheridan. He actively engaged with audience members by name and interacted with them using humor and rhetorical questions. ...It was like he was speaking directly to you in a sea of hundreds. ...He kept coming back to a central theme packed with great content.”

Jeff Gadway

“Thank you again for delivering a rock-star performance last week at CADREcon! You were fantastic, and we have heard nothing but great things.”

Derek Coburn
CadreCon 2018

“One of the most entertaining+smart presentations I've ever listened to.”

Debbi Johanning

“Marcus Sheridan wins Conex18. When's your stand-up routine??!! Holy Pool Guy!”

Amy Rushia

“Gotta say it: IMPACT Live was an amazing marketing conference. The IMPACT team and Marcus Sheridan outdid themselves. Honestly, one of the most well executed and most engaging events I've been to. Content was off the charts and the energy was AMAZING!”

Tyler Lessard
IMPACT Live 2018

“Marcus was the most talked and tweeted about speaker for the day and left the audience buzzing for more. His ability to captivate an audience is truly remarkable. At the end of the conference many people came up to me to comment on his high-energy presentation. Having him speak was hands down the smartest decision I made in programming the event.”

Pat Lemieux , Events Producer

Conferences, Expos, and Training Summits that Marcus has spoken at:

Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo

Uberflip ConEx 2018

ConvergeSouth Conference


Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development

Renaissance Executive Forums

TAB-BWI Business Prosperity Series

Remarkable Growth Experience

Computer Rx Idea Exchange User Conference

Content Marketing World

Heroic Public Speaking



Social Media Marketing World

World Class Communication

Speaking for Conferences, Expos, and Training Summits

Event professionals working in the conference, expo, summit, and training space have seen a rise of information being so freely available, which has caused disruption within their space. Because of these shifts:

  • One-size-fits-all training no longer serves the unique needs of learners
  • The role of instructor is changing from facilitator to personal coach or mentor
  • Fewer people are attending in-person trainings due to the abundance of online classes for development
  • WIth so many conferences and trainings to choose from, event organizers are expected to plan extraordinary trainings to deal with competition
  • With the rise of free information available online, attendees expect to learn new and exciting things they can’t find anywhere else to justify cost

In spite of these transformations within these industries, Marcus believes in the opportunities in the space, especially for those who are willing to reexamine their marketing strategy and find customers in a whole new way.

If you're looking for a speaker with loads of energy and experience presenting on hundreds of stages with a message that inspires audiences with empowering takeaways, contact us today to set up a chat with Marcus.

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